1. January 1st, 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Ody Oruche sought and conducted a needs assessment of the Diocesan Hospial Amichi with the medical director, Dr. Okwudiri Obiadazie. Medications and onsite water supply were identified as the major needs.

2. Upon return to the USA, Mrs. Ukamaka Oruche initiated contacts with her networks in the Indianapolis, USA, namely, The Rotary Club of Fishers and the Mercy Foundation Inc.

3. December 2004- Dr. & Mrs Sampson Ogbuchi delivered the first shipment of medications to Diocesan Hospital. This medication supply was sponsored by the Mercy Foundation Inc. The medical director established a ½ - day weekly clinic to ensure proper diagnosing, dispensing of medication, and follow-up care.

4. On June 2005, the Rotary Club of Fishers donated $600 dollars to the hospital. We renovated the injection room and the delivery room.

5. June 2005, August 2005, and December 2006-delivery of more medications to the hospital, and distributed through the ½ -day weekly Wednesday clinic

6. August 12th to 15th, 2007- first annual mercy Foundation-Amichi medical mission which served over 927 patients. Our guest from the US was Mr. Jackson Solway.

7. August 11th to 14th, 2008 the 2nd annual Mercy Foundation-Amichi Medical Mission which served 802 men, women, and children from Amichi and 23 surrounding towns. Our guests from the US were Ms. Laura Nichols and Mr. Will Johnston.

8. August 19th to 21st, 2009-3rd Annual Mercy Foundations-Amichi Medical mission. It served 429 patients from Amichi and surrounding towns. All health screenings, medical consultations, and medications were provided free of charge.

9. The Rotary Foundation awarded a matching grant of $34, 000 to drill a bone hole and install a water tank on the hospital grounds. The matching grant was sponsored by Rotary Club of Fishers and Carmel, Indianapolis. Mrs Ukamaka Oruche presented the request to Rotary Club of Fishers in collaboration with Dr. Obiadazie Okwudiri. The Rotary Club of Nnewi served as the host Club.

  • Febrauary 2009-work on the bore hole began.
  • April 2009-Water project was commissioned. Today we have running water on site for patients and residents of the surrounding communities.

10. June 14th to June 16th 2010-4th Annual Mercy Foundations-Amichi Medical Mission.

11. 2011 Medical Mission

12. 2012 Medical Mission

13. 2013 – Pivotal time in our history. We took a break for a moment of deep reflection about our mission and outcomes so far. We re-affirmed our strong commitment to serve the most vulnerable among us and to use all donated resources judiciously.

14. 2014 Medical Mission Thanks to the incredibly generous gift from one of our donors, we began operations of our medical mission work and activities from a new location the Providence Community Health Center. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor.

15. 2015 Medical Mission Planning is under way